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Cape Verde Language

The people are a mixture of African and European with approximately 70% of the population being of mixed race.

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The official language of the islands is Portuguese, which is used in most written communication, including newspapers; however Creole tends to be used in conversation and it's this you'll hear being used on a day to day basis. Creole is based on African languages but with additions from several European languages. Even this can differ from island to island.

More recently, English has been taught as a foreign language in schools.The religion of the islands is largely Christian, with most people being Catholic.

Basic Portugese Words

Some useful English/Portuguese words and phrases you might encounter in Cape Verde

Hello / good day Bom dia
Goodbye Adeus
Yes Sim
No Não
Do you speak English? Fala Inglês?
My name is… Chamo-me
Excuse me/pardon Com licença
Please Por favor
Thank you Obrigado (male) Obrigada (female)
Good afternoon Boa tarde
Good evening Boa noite
How much does it cost? Quanto custa isso?
Good/excellent Bom
I do not understand Não compreendo
The bill A conta
Water Água
Tea Chá
Coffee Café
Milk Leite
Wine White/Red Vinho branco/tinto
Beer Cerveja


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