5 reasons to visit Cape Verde this summer

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Cape Verde is so much more than just a winter sun destination and we love to shout about this fabulous year-round destination!

Cape Verde is a well-known winter destination however, what many people don’t realise is that this archipelago of ten islands makes for a fantastic summer holiday too. With year-round sunshine, there is so much to do to take advantage of these diverse islands throughout the summer months.


1. The fantastic weather

With temperatures reaching 30°C in the summer, Cape Verde makes for a fantastic summer holiday, with many people opting for a week in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde boasts the same temperatures but with more pristine beaches and only an extra two hours flight time. 

Fishing boat off Santa Maria Beach

2. The diversity of the islands

Many people often think Cape Verde consists of just two islands, Sal and Boa Vista, but there are ten, and Cape Verde Experience offers holidays to eight of these! Sal is the most popular island with plenty of great hotels and restaurants offering luxurious stays on the stunning sands of Santa Maria beach. Boa Vista is a great island to stay on for water sports lovers and for those looking to rejuvenate, its pristine white sands stretch on and on, with a host of lovely hotels to choose from. Whilst some islands have a lunar-like landscape others are luscious and green such as Santiago, São Nicolau and Santo Antão. Browse our fantastic and diverse range of hotels throughout the islands here.

The lush green hills of Santo Antão

Santa Maria Beach, Sal

3. Witnessing turtles in their natural habitat

During the summer months turtle activity increases throughout the archipelago, if you are lucky, you may well see turtles nesting on the beaches from mid-July to mid-September. Beaches are patrolled at night to protect the eggs from poachers, however, with a guided tour in small groups, you may be lucky enough to watch this fascinating event. This occurs on the island of Boa Vista and your tour guide will arrange for you to be picked up from your hotel. Please be aware that turtles are very sensitive and when nesting, the slightest sound, artificial light, or incorrect sand type can deter them from laying their eggs in certain spots. Your guide will ensure you follow procedures so that you have a chance to view the turtles without disturbing them. If you would like to experience another fantastic turtle experience, it is possible to swim with them year-round on the island of São Vicente. Browse some fantastic hotels in Boa Vista and São Vicente to ensure that you don’t miss out on this amazing experience. Read more about the Loggerhead turtles of Cape Verde in our blog here.

Loggerhead turtle hatchlings on Boa Vista


4. Island hopping

The beauty of island hopping is that you can explore varying landscapes and activities that are on offer on each island. Explore the volcanic wonderland of Fogo, with fantastic walking routes and the opportunity to try world-class coffee, grown and brewed on the island (the wine is also fantastic)! Or perhaps Maio would take your fancy, with its Portuguese and British colonial influences, and to the north of the island is a 5km lagoon, a magnificent spot surrounded by lush vegetation, largely untouched by tourism. Santo Antão is beautiful in the summer, with quaint houses perched on verdant hills. Spending the days driving along and exploring the landscape under the summer sun is a wonderful way to enjoy Cape Verde.

View over to the volcano on the island of Fogo

 Kite surfing on the island of Sal

5. The range of excursions and hotels

Cape Verde is much more than just beaches and sunshine, there are so many excursions to choose from on each island, you will be sure to find something to suit you. Paddle with lemon sharks on Sal, go on a walking tour on the islands of Santiago and Santo Antão, see the volcano on Fogo, or for an adrenaline rush, visit Boa Vista for a quad biking tour or even a fishing excursion. 

There are some fabulous hotels across the islands, with many luxurious all-inclusive options on Sal, right in the heart of Santa Maria, such as Hotel Morabeza (ever popular with our customers), or Hilton Cabo Verde. Stay in the Orquidea Guest House on Boa Vista or enjoy a night or two at the unique Spinguera Eco Lodge. There is a great selection of properties to choose from, and our expert team will be able to find the perfect one for you! 

Sunset over the scenery at Spinguera Eco Lodge, Boa Vista.

Hotel Morabeza, Sal

To find your ideal summer holiday to Cape Verde browse our package holidays here.


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