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Experience Cape Verde's largest annual event, Carnival!

Updated on Feb 19, 2024 by Ella Brundle

Blog > Experience Cape Verde's largest annual event, Carnival!

Soak up the festivities in true Cape Verdean style and spend your holiday dancing away at the Cape Verde Carnival.

Each year, 40 days before Easter, the islands of Cape Verde come to be even more colourful and alive with the sounds of the carnival!

This is one of country's largest annual events and people flock from around the globe to experience the festivities, so it pays to book your accommodation early. The best place to experience the carnival is on the island of São Vincente, locals dress to the nines and Cape Verdean music is played all around, creating an amazing atmosphere.

To enjoy both the tranquillity of the beaches Cape Verde has to offer whilst also experiencing this exciting event, Cape Verde experience offers a carnival package, step away from your beach holiday in Sal and fly over to São Vincente on an inter-island flight. This is a 4-night add-on package, with return flights from Sal to São Vincente included, and it won’t disappoint!

Once you step off the plane in São Vincente your transfer will be there to take you to the Oasis Porto Grande Hotel, so that you are based right in the centre of the festivities. Don’t forget that with such a great location near the festival comes the noises of the festivities, a great way to become fully immersed! However, if you would prefer a quieter hotel, Foya Branca is situated 10 minutes away from the main centre, with a free shuttle service available from the hotel. Allowing you to have a more peaceful place to retreat to, should you want it.

The carnival package also includes a day trip to Santo Antão, an island with spectacular scenery just a short ferry ride away, an evening in Mindelo (with a meal included) and a half day tour of São Vincente itself. This package really is the perfect way to submerge yourself into Cape Verdean culture, all whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery these islands have to offer.

Read more about the carnival package and Cape Verde here.


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