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Where to stay for a walking holiday in Cape Verde

Find out everything you need to know about walking holidays in Cape Verde, from which islands to explore to the best hotels to stay at while you're there.
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Comparing the lesser known Cape Verde islands

There's so much more to Cape Verde than its two most popular islands. Here, we take a look at the lesser known Cape Verde islands: Santiago, Fogo, São Vicente, Santo Antão and São Nicolau.
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Our top 10 favourite restaurants in Praia

Praia, the capital of Cape Verde on the island of Santiago, is a bustling African town with a touch of the Mediterranean.
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Discover the road less travelled on the islands of Cape Verde

From the tranquility of the mountains to a deserted stretch of soft, white sand, it's easy to escape the crowds on the islands of Cape Verde.
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Cape Verde, more than just a beach holiday

Although well-known for its glorious beaches, what else can Cape Verde offer holidaymakers?
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