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Our favourite photos of Fogo

Fogo is arguably one of the most striking and scenic islands in Cape Verde, and to prove this, we've put together a list of some of the most breathtaking photography from the island.
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Carla & Becky's island hopping in Cape Verde

Carla and Becky, two members of our Sales Team, recount their recent experience of an island hopping itinerary around four of Cape Verde's stunning islands.
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My top 5 Cape Verde islands

Our Product Manager, Charlotte, tell us which of the islands that make up the Cape Verde archipelago she loves best and why.
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Cape Verde, more than just a beach holiday

Although well-known for its glorious beaches, what else can Cape Verde offer holidaymakers?
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Our favourite drinks in Cape Verde

From Brazilian cocktails to German style beers, not forgetting the wine and coffee from the island of Fogo...
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Adventures in the Cape Verde islands

Hiking, touring, wine tasting and mythology - what adventures could you embrace in Cape Verde?
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