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We introduce Piers Golden, our official photographer for our up-and-coming Cape Verde 2017/18 brochure, and general travel photography adventurer.

At Cape Verde Experience, we're very proud of our vibrant, dynamic and diverse photography collection, and particularly of our latest batch of photography from the island, which is currently being utilised in our brand-new brochure which is due out soon. We know the importance of using photography to display the beauty of the islands, with stunning and picturesque scenes to be found and showcased throughout the archipelago.

Our most recent collection of photography was snapped by Piers Golden, a photographer we have used on many occasions in the past for our sister brands, including The Gambia Experience, Sicilian Places and Sardinian Places. We thought we should take the opportunity to introduce our customers to Piers, after all, it won't be long until you receive our brand-new brochure and will be scrolling through his fantastic photography.

We sat down with Piers to discuss his recent photography assignment in the archipelago...


How did you first get into photography?

As a young skater I wanted to document my experiences and also to photograph professional skateboarders who came over from the USA.

What are some of more adventurous places and events you have photographed?

The ones that come to mind are a camel market in the Middle East, bareback horse riders wielding rifles in Morocco, and people hunting with falcons in the Empty Quarter on the Arabian Peninsula.

What was your assignment with Cape Verde Experience?

To visit and tell a visual story to the public about what Cape Verde has to offer, and to excite the traveller in all of us through the editorial style of my travel photography.


What was your first impression of the country?

The first things that hit me were the open nature of the people, the diversity of the landscapes and flora and fauna, oh, and did I mention the staggering views!?

Which islands did you visit and what was your itinerary?

I visited five of Cape Verde's islands on my assignment, Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, São Vicente and Santo Antão. Because I had a lot of ground to cover, I wasn't able to stay long, but still long enough to get a really good feel of the laid-back Cape Verde vibe, and long enough to know that I can't wait to go back again and visit some of the other islands like Brava, and Fogo.​


Did a particular island stand out to you more than any other?

I'd have to say that stunning São Vicente and Santo Antão were the stand outs for me.

From the viewpoint of a photographer, what aesthetic qualities do the islands possess?

Rugged, windswept, tranquillity, blasts of blue, and heritage colours and styles exist on most of the Islands. Oh and those vistas!



What were your highlights from your visit to the islands?

The Ferry to Santo Antão, The colonial architecture in Mindelo and Santiago, the surprising Art Deco buildings I found, the Fish Market in Mindelo, and the incredible beaches.

What lasting impressions have you been left with of Cape Verde?

A unique travel experience, a must-visit for so many reasons, and a place to visit again as once is never enough.

What advice would you give to any holiday-makers heading to the country?

Just go enjoy, leave your stress at home, take it at whatever pace suits you.


A selection of Piers' photos from his trip


Music is found around every corner in Mindelo, São Vicente 


Locals play football on a beach near Mindelo


The stunning Laginha BeachSão Vicente 


Mountain roads in Santo Antão


Terraces and mountains in Santo Antão


Board rental on the beach on Sal


Surfers on Santa Maria Beach, Sal


Traditional fishing boats line the sands on Sal


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