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How Cape Verde is protecting the magnificent Loggerhead Turtle

The chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat is fascinating for many animal lovers out there and the possibility of seeing turtles laying their eggs is truly a unique experience!
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Adopting a hatchling

Introducing Project Biodiversity, a Cape Verdean non-profit organization striving to save the loggerhead turtle from extinction.
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Whale-watching on the islands of Cape Verde

Seeing a whale, one of nature’s most magnificent animals, is a bucket list dream for many people.
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Discover the road less travelled on the islands of Cape Verde

From the tranquility of the mountains to a deserted stretch of soft, white sand, it's easy to escape the crowds on the islands of Cape Verde.
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Life beneath the waves around the islands of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is well known as a haven for water sports lovers, from kitesurfing to scuba diving. Here we give an insight into what lies beneath the waves...
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