Boa Vista - The Cape Verde Islands

Boa Vista holidays still feel like something of a secret: the vast stretches of untouched golden sand, rich, turquoise seas and unique atmosphere all combine to make a truly fantastic holiday destination.

Home to some of the most dazzling beaches on the archipelago covering a staggering 55km, a Boa Vista holiday is perfect for beach lovers.

Closest to the African mainland, Boa Vista is not only renowned for its stunning beaches but its marine life too. Nightlife here is very low key and quiet with just a scattering of local restaurants and bars.

Praia de Chaves Beach, Boa Vista

More About Boa Vista

Boa Vista is quite literally covered in sand and many buildings have been completely absorbed leaving an endless blanket of sand. A great example of this is on Praia de Chaves, an old ceramic factory covered in sand is still intact with machines in situ! Sahara like dunes in the interior of the island with sprouting date palms are an impressive sight and well worth a visit.

Depending on the time of year you may even spot some turtles on Boa Vista's southern beaches. Boa Vista is thought to be the third most important loggerhead nesting site in the world, with the favoured time of year for turtles to nest usually being during the months of June through to September.

The miles of unspoilt coast line are excellent for you to enjoy uninterrupted walks as well as being a popular location for windsurfing enthusiasts. Other water sports are available on Boa Vista, including quad biking tours and line and deep-sea fishing.


There are a few festivals on the island of Boa Vista. Plans change from year to year but normally there is the common music festival that takes place in Santa Cruz in August. The other main colourful festival is:

Santa Isabel (Municipality Day) 4 July - the day of Santa Isabel, the patron saint of the island. Celebrated with processions, swimming, horse racing, tours and a public ball.

Hot Tip for Boa Vista

You may catch a glimpse of whales in the islet of Sal Rei, a feeding ground for humpback whales and a magical sight if you are lucky enough to experience it. Whale sightings off Boa Vista usually take place from late February - May.

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