Fogo - The Cape Verde Islands

Fogo is an astonishing prospect and one of the true highlights of any holiday to the Cape Verde islands. Climb the still active volcano, try some of the locally grown wine, marvel at the wonder of nature...

Thousands of years ago, Fogo erupted from the sea and at its peak, originally reached 35km but since then has lost 300m in height when a huge section collapsed. That said, it still boasts the highest peak in Cape Verde.

Since 1785 many smaller eruptions have taken place over time and have all been inside the crater which have created craters in the floor of the original crater which now stretches a massive 7km wide and 10km long.

Fogo - Volcano

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The crater on Fogo is one of the highlights of a Cape Verde holiday and has created what is a very fertile land; coffee is grown on the outside slopes whilst the vines used to produce the famous Fogo wine are grown inside the crater. We highly recommend you try both.

The scenery on Fogo is impressive: dark rocks and black sands give an impression of a lunar landscape. São Filipe, the capital of Fogo is a pretty town full of Portuguese squares, cobbled streets and sobrados, pastel houses decorated with quality woods and tiles from Portugal. The views from the promenade are of the island of Brava and a severe drop down to the black sands below.

Visitors to Fogo tend to embark on a hike up the volcano with a rewarding lunch at the top in a restaurant offering magnificent views.

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Sao Filipe, Fogo

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