You may wonder where Cape Verde is, this relatively unknown archipelago of 10 islands, sits off the West Coast of Africa. International flights fly into Sal and Boa Vista in just under 6 hours with no jet lag. Island hopping is a popular choice as each island has its own reasons for drawing in tourists, whether that is pristine white sand beaches, water sports, an array of wildlife, walking and hiking, beautiful landscapes or fantastic culture! There is something to suit everyone, browse each island below to find your match.

Mindelo, Sao Vicente

São Vicente

Known as Cape Verde's hub of music and culture, explore the vibrant capital of Mindelo, the rugged beaches and mountain peaks. Read more.

São Nicolau

Stunning and unspoilt, this island packs a punch when it comes to showcasing natural beauty. Read more.

Santo Antao mountain crater, Cape Verde

Santo Antão

Ideal for walking enthusiasts, Santo Antão is home to rugged green mountains and cliff-hanging villages, waiting to be explored. Read more.


Santa Luzia

The archipelago's smallest island and the only island which is uninhabited. Read more.


An island untouched by tourism, Maio boasts scenic landscapes, mature forests and lonely beaches. Read more.

Santa Maria Beach, Sal


A beautiful beach lover's paradise, Sal has some gorgeous golden beaches lapped by inviting azure waters, and an exciting and vibrant town. Read more.

Santa Monica Beach - Boa Vista

Boa Vista

Home to some of the most dazzling beaches on the archipelago covering a staggering 55km, it's ideal for those in search of total relaxation. Read more.

Cidade Velha Santiago, Cape Verde


Cape Verde's largest island and home to the capital city, Praia, there's plenty of history to be absorbed on Santiago. Read more.

Pico do Fogo with lava from its last eruption in 2014


Head to Fogo to explore the destination's highest volcanic peak, sampling home-grown wine and coffee. Read more.


Also known as the island of flowers, Brava boasts lava cliffs which drop down into the sea, hiding a fertile hinterland beyond. Read more.


Our Cape Verde map shows the airport routes and flight times between each island, including ferry crossing times. Each Cape Verdean Island is linked and it is easy to island-hop between them!

Each island in Cape Verde has an airport except for Brava, Santa Luzia and Santo Antão. The Cape Verde airports are connected by Bestfly Cape Verde.



The Cape Verdean Islands are a place of great contrasts, with each of the 10 islands offering a different experience. A beautiful country with enough diversity and character to appeal to everyone. 

Find out more about each of these unique and rewarding Islands, alongside culture and useful information, helping you to discover the variety of holiday experiences you could soon be enjoying... 



Cape Verde's climate is pleasantly tropical with year round average temperatures between 26° and 30° C.

Santa Maria, on Sal island, Cape Verde - Chloe Lyttle @lyttlelensChloe Lyttle @lyttlelens

Out And About

Cape Verde is a popular beach holiday destination, but for those who prefer to get out and about there are a number of options available.

Santa Maria Beach on the island of Sal in Cape Verde

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