Fogo is an astonishing prospect and one of the true highlights of any holiday to the Cape Verde islands. Climb the still active volcano, try some of the locally grown wine, marvel at the wonder of nature...

A trip to Fogo isn’t complete without a visit to the volcano. Whether you discover it on four wheels or two feet, it will provide an unforgettable sight. Trekking enthusiasts will have the opportunity to hike up the volcano, rewarded by an incredible view of the Chã das Caldeiras and the chance to say you’ve hiked to Cape Verde’s highest point.

Cabo Verde, Pico do Fogo, Caldera. Volcano Pico do Fogo, 2829 m, the highest mountain of Cabo Verde standing isolated in the burned Lava fields. Hauses of igneous rocks in the Cha das Caldeiras.

You can’t leave Fogo without sampling a glass or two of its local wine, available throughout the archipelago, but best sampled on the island from where it is produced. The vines make use of the extremely fertile volcanic soil that is found inside the crater - a precarious position - but worth it for the tasty results!

A tour around Salinas and the northern area of the island will allow you to encounter a natural lava harbour, a black sandy beach and a number of coffee plantations. You’ll also have the chance to stop off and discover the island’s oldest church, the São Lourenco Church, dating back to the 16th century.


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