São Nicolau - The Cape Verde Islands

São Nicolau is a quiet, tranquil island that remains relatively untouched. The island boasts some spectacular scenery, combining fertile hinterlands and dramatic mountainscapes.

Tourism is in its infancy on São Nicolau so the island still retains a genuine unspoilt feel with stunning scenery.

This mountainous island has barren ranges in the west, north and east and is one of the most impressive in the archipelago.

Guido Amrein, Switzerland

More about São Nicolau

Ribeira Brava the capital of São Nicolau, clings to the fertile slopes of the mountainside. Its colonial style houses painted colourfully and with beautifully tendered gardens make it an interesting place to visit.

High mountains and varied landscapes make São Nicolau an ideal place for for walking and horse-riding with rewarding views along the way. Birdwatchers are attracted to the island as it is home to the endangered fairytale dragon tree.

Deep sea fishing is also popular on the island (best time Apr-Aug) as there is an abundance of Blue Marlin; fishing trips can be organised from Tarrafal and is a great experience if you are up for the challenge! The beaches at Tarrafal are said to have healing powers so don't be surprised to see locals burying themselves in the sand!