São Nicolau - The Cape Verde Islands

São Nicolau is a quiet, tranquil island that remains relatively untouched. The island boasts some spectacular scenery, combining fertile hinterlands and dramatic mountainscapes.

An island in its infancy as far as tourism is concerned, and the latest addition to our Cape Verde programme, São Nicolau is a stunning, unspoilt island whose barren ranges in the west, north and east boast some of the most spectacular scenery in the archipelago. It is this tranquil atmosphere and the splendour of the landscapes that draw holiday-makers to São Nicolau, offering an escape into a sedate environment, yet always promising adventure in the shape of mountain walks or horse-riding trails. Beyond nature, the island’s capital, Ribeira Brava, is a colourful colonial town home to striking architecture and beautiful gardens.

Sao Nicolau Mountains

More about São Nicolau

Experience the island’s most stunning valley, the Ribeira Prata. Whether you choose to take to this incredible landscape with a walking experience, or alternatively visit the valley by vehicle on an island tour, the lush green spaces and stunning cliffs will make for an unforgettable experience. A stop at Carbeirinho should also feature in your island tour, allowing you to witness an area where spectacular rock formations have been carved, creating a fascinating lunar landscape.

Walking in the natural park that surrounds the island’s highest point, Monte Gordo, is a real treat for trekking enthusiasts. Peaking at 1,312m and home to several endemic plants, you’ll enjoy some stunning views over the island as you explore the park’s many trails.

Head to Fajã’s Valley in search of the island’s most famous tree. Here you’ll encounter an impressive cluster of the rare and ancient dragon trees, a natural inhabitant that is recognised as the main symbol of São Nicolau.

Sao Nicolau Ribeira Brava

São Nicolau is best experienced as part of a multi-centre island hopping holiday and can be easily reached via a short internal flight, meaning no waste to your valuable holiday time.

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