Food and Drink

You will generally find a good selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife in the main towns offering different choices of cuisine including local Creole and Portuguese specialities.

You will find a selection of restaurants in the main towns offering local Creole dishes as well as some international cuisine and many will have live Cape Verdean music at least once a week. There are numerous bars and restaurants in resort areas such as Santa Maria (on the island of Sal) and Mindelo (on the island of São Vicente), and the music at weekends can last long into the night. Bars and nightlife in Cape Verde are great fun and provide tourists with a sense of Cape Verdean culture.

There are a couple of venues that offer occasional film nights in Santa Maria also.

Many of the bars in the main resort centres offer free Wi-Fi and regular happy hours usually around 4-6pm.

The smaller or quieter islands including Boa Vista do not have such a wide selection of dishes and the limited menu may well be what they have prepared on the day.

Prices do vary – expect to pay the equivalent of between €35-€40 for a three-course meal with local wine. Local beer is usually around €4 per pint.

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Barracuda Beach Bar, Sal


Restaurant guide

In Cape Verde there is an abundance of freshly caught seafood including tuna, wahoo, bica and lobster.

Vegetarians are increasingly well catered for at hotels, with many offering a vegetarian dish or cooking something to order. However, in local restaurants the choice will be more limited with a pasta dish or omelette typically offered.

Our representative in resort will be able to offer advice about the current reputation of restaurants and any new establishments that may have opened.

Island of Sal:

A fish restaurant with beautiful food and great service.

La Tortue
Morabeza's Cape Verdean Buffet and live music nights (must pre-book as very popular).

Chéz Pastis
Excellent seafood, small with atmosphere.

French cuisine. Impressive setting right on the beach, perfect for a special occasion.

Italian and European cuisine.

Cafe Kreole
Cape Verde cusine and very good Lobster (when in season).

O'Caranguejo (next to the market)
Portuguese cuisine serving excellent seafood pasta, pizza as well as meat and fish dishes.

Tasty traditional Italian cuisine.

The Dubliner
Irish ownered with European menu, delious food and excellent service.

La Villa
Italian and European flavours.

Cams Cafe
European and local menus with devine desserts. Notably the best cakes on the island.

Simple Grill
Small shack style grill place serving delicious grilled fish and tasty schwarmas.

Cape Verdean cafe serving buffet lunch and local snacks – pay by the weight of the food!

Compad (right in the centre)
Cape Verdean restaurant serving local dishes of seafood and meat with lunchtime specials.

Bar Bia
Local Cape Verde restaurant with a local & European style menu.

Cape Verdean version of Vietnamese food.

Excellent seafood restaurant !

American style diner with American, European and Cape Verde menus as well as daily specials.


Island of Boa Vista

Sodade di nha Terra - Rabil
No specific menu but great food and popular with the locals. A true Cape Verdean experience.

Restaurant Sodade di nha Terra - Boa Vista


Island of São Vicente

Hotel Porto Grande - Mindelo
Fantastic location in the city centre overlooking the square, serving fish, steak and pizzas.

Tradisson e Morabeza - Mindelo
Excellent food and service.


Island of Santiago

Alkimist - Praia
Specialises in Italian food, fresh fish and seafood.

Restaurant Creole - Praia
Located within the Pestana Tropico Hotel, locally known as the best restaurant in Santiago.

Pescador - Praia
Next door to the Pestana Tropico hotel, Pescador is a sophisticated restaurant with great service and quality fresh fish.

Quintal da Musica - Plateau
Specialises in typical Cape Verdean and European cuisine with live music Monday to Saturday.

A Grelha So Mar - Achada S. Antonio
A typically Cape Verdean restaurant with great grilled fish especially tuna barriga de atum with cooked vegetables.

Quintal da Musica
A Cape Verdean and European restaurant serving local dishes with live music with great feedback.



Local dishes and drinks

Cape Verdean dishes to try:

Cachupa Rica - Cape Verde's national dish, a stew made with fish, meat and vegetables.

Buzio - A tasty traditional slow-cooked stew made with shellfish (usually mussells) and soya sauce.

Bol de Cus-Cus - A delicious cake made with corn and sugar, usually served warm with butter and cabra cheese.

Cado de Peixe ou Caiderado - Potato, pumpkin, carrots, vegetables cooked with fish (usually Cavala) and tomato puree.

Canjo - Soup with chicken, rice, onions and carrots.

Bafas - Fish cooked with tomato, onion and peppers in breadcrumbs, served as a snack or an appetiser.

Percebes (Sea Fingers) - Funnily enough they look like purply brown fingers. You crack off the end and peel the skin to reveal the meat (similar texture to squid).

Queijo de Cabra com Doce de Popoia - A typical dessert with slices of cabra cheese served with popoia jam.

Carpaccio - Raw tuna sliced finely and marinated in lime, oil and salt.

Tuna Tartar - Raw tuna chopped and marinated in a soy dressing.

Cracas - Crustacean shellfish

Feijoada - Pork stew with vegetables and beans.

Morreia - Eel, fried in oil.

Lagosta suada - Steamed lobster.



Grogue - A strong alcoholic drink locally produced from sugar cane.

Fogo wine - Very pleasant when drunk at the right time but can be hit-and-miss depending on the age of the grape.

Caipirinha - Brazil inspired cocktail made with sugar cane and local liquor.


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