Our Specialist Resort Team

We have a representative service on the islands provided by our local agent, Barracuda Tours. If you need any assistance during your stay please contact Barracuda on the number in your welcome letter.

You may also contact us directly in the UK office on (0044) 1489 866901 or emergency contact 24hrs (0044) 7900 555780.

Our resort team live on the islands and are experienced, English-speaking representatives, who are there to help and ensure that you get the most out of your holiday.

The Barracuda team spend a large amount of their time in and around the hotels and you will be invited to join a welcome meeting where we can offer tips and advice to help you get the most out of your holiday. Barracuda Tours also look after our guests on most of the islands. Our aim is to make sure everything runs smoothly allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the full. Here are some of the reps...


On Sal we have Tracey, who also looks after our island-hopping guests too as they make their way via Sal to their chosen islands...Tracey is from the north of England and has lived on Sal for many years now. She is our first port of call for communication around the islands and is always going the extra mile to look after everyone..!

On Boa Vista we have Wanda, who is fluent in several languages, born in Angola and half Romanian, she studied in Portugal. After travelling around the world and arriving on Boa Vista she fell in love with the island and decided to stay, working in the tourism industry and now looking after our Boa Vista guests with a smile!

On Santo Antão we haveI Rufino, born in Porto Novo, Santo Antão. An English teacher by profession, he has worked in tourism, as a guide since 1997, and as a manager since 2006. He can speak English, Spanish and French fluently and is a specialist in Santo Antão, and Cape Verde.

On the magnificent volcano island of Fogo we have Fatima and Joao. Fatima, originally from Santo Antão came to Fogo for a holiday, after studying in Brazil and working on Sal. She totally fell in love and has remained on Fogo ever since. Joao was born on the island and has always lived and worked on Fogo, which makes him an excellent source of information and facts about the spectacular 'island of fire'.

On the island of Santiago we have our new rep Elaine Paris. Born and raised on the island of the mountains, Elaine left Santo Antão to pursue studies for five years in Morocco - returning to be a tourism guide eventually in São Vincente with her family.

On São Vicente we have Edson, who as well as being a guide is also a talented Morna and Reggae singer. Born on the island in Mindelo, he has won many awards including the 2006 Music Gala, best individual voice at the Mindel Music Awards 2011 & 12, and Best Reggae at the Cabo Verde Music Awards 2013.