There are no compulsory inoculations for entering Cape Verde however we suggest you see your doctor before booking who will prescribe any necessary medication for your trip.

As chemists are not always readily available in the areas near the hotels, please ensure you have your own supplies of general medication, i.e. headache / stomach cures. There is no malaria present in Cape Verde with the exception of Santiago from September to November. If you are visiting Santiago during these months, please check with your GP for the latest advice.



Airlines require women 28 weeks or more into pregnancy, at the time of return travel, to have a medical certification of fitness to travel. Normally after 32 weeks permission to travel is refused.

A Department of Health leaflet 'Health Advice to Travellers' is available free from your GP, travel agent or by phoning FREE on 0800 555 777.


Hospitals and Pharmacies

Your hotel reception staff will be happy to call a doctor who will come and visit you in your hotel. Please note: There may be a charge for this. Major medical emergencies will normally get flown to Praia or Lisbon for treatment.

We would advise you to take anything you would normally need from a chemist with you as such items may be more expensive in Cape Verde and your preferred items may not be available.

Stomach Upset: Some people will inevitably suffer with a tummy upset due to the change in food, water and climate. We suggest you take a few precautions such as drinking plenty of bottled water and avoid drinking too much alcohol in the sun. Re-hydration sachets are also a good idea to help replenish the body’s natural salts and minerals lost through perspiration.

Sunburn: Protect yourself well - a hat and a high protection factor sun cream are strongly recommended. Even on overcast days, the sun’s rays are still extremely powerful.


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