Santo Antão - The Cape Verde Islands

Santo Antão is home to the some of the most spectacular scenery you'll see anywhere on earth and it still feels relatively untouched...

With precipitous peaks, jaw-dropping ravines and dwellings clinging to the mountain sides, Santo Antão is a beautiful island and the second largest in the archipelago. Many visitors are attracted to the island for its hiking, particularly the ribeiras.

For those who prefer the less energetic option, you can still appreciate the stunning views with spectacular drives along coastal roads which provide access to the ravines and gorges that nurture the most impressive lush vegetation.

Santo Antao

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A day trip to Santo Antão will allow you to traverse the island and see some of the spectacular scenery. The drive from Porto Novo in the south across the mountain range to Ribeira Grande in the North East is an awe inspiring trip with spectacular views, although the precarious road clinging to the mountainside is perhaps not for everyone.

Landscapes quickly change from being bare and arid to mountains which, as the road meanders exposes breathtaking views of verdant valleys at every turn with villages appearing either deep below or high into the distance.

Visitors to Santo Antão must also visit the village of Fontainhas, perched on the edge of a rock above a deep ribeira. The houses in this unique village line the street and have a sheer drop of several hundred metres behind them! Don't forget to take your camera.

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