What's the weather like?

Cape Verde's climate is pleasantly tropical with year round average temperatures between 26° and 30° C and the islands generally enjoy uninterrupted sunshine from November to May.

The weather in Cape Verde is one of the main reasons people visit time and time again - pleasantly tropical, long sunshine hours, never too humid... Due to the location in the Atlantic Ocean and some of the islands being flat it can be windier than the mainland. The wind brings benefits, such as lower humidity and the islands are particularly popular for kite and wind surfing (best time for this is Nov-Mar) however please note that with higher winds, brings better waves. There are flag systems in operation on the main beaches to indicate the conditions for swimming.

The climate chart below shows a comparison in hours of sunshine and temperature over the period of 12 months between Cape Verde and London.

Sal Beach

Figures for rainfall can be quite misleading as they are wildly different on each island. Sal, Boa Vista and São Vicente receive little rainfall each year while on some of the higher peaks on Santo Antão and Fogo there is up to 2 metres of rainfall a year, making them lush and green.

Any rainfall typically occurs between the months of August and October.

Following rainfall, mosquitoes can be more active expecially at sunset. We therefore recommend taking insect repellent.

Tempartures also vary from island to island and within each island - in the desolate centres of the flat islands, temperatures can reach 40 degrees whereas the coastal areas generally remain in the high twenties.

Met office website – Cape Verde http://www.worldweather.org

BBC Weather  -  Cape Verde http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather


Cape Verde Weather Charts

The following weather charts show average temperature, hours of sunshine and sea temperatures within the archipelago.

Average Temperature °C

Cape Verde Temperature ºC (Average Max.)

Average Hours of Sunshine

Sunshine Hours in Cape Verde (Average)