The largest island in the archipelago and the first to be populated, Santiago is rich in history and culture and known for its lively nightlife. The various mountainous peaks of the island reflect its volcanic origin.

We highly recommend a full day tour when on the island of Santiago. Visit Praia, local markets, old settlements and Cidade Velha, the old capital. You’ll also visit the oldest fortress in Cape Verde, before heading back to Praia.

Hiking is a popular pastime in Santiago, as the changing landscapes are very impressive. Embarking on a guided hike is the best way to experience the highlights, with options to walk amongst dense mango and coconut trees, witness (and take a dip in) a spectacular waterfall and explore the craggy mountains of the island’s interior. You can also opt to hike to the largest and most spectacular tree in Cape Verde, thought to be around 800 years old.

Santiago mountains, Cape Verde

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