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Sal is one of Cape Verde's most alluring islands. If you're heading on a holiday to Sal, here are five of the best things to do during your time there.

Sal is one of the most popular islands to stay on during a holiday to Cape Verde, served by a range of great accommodation, tourism infrastructure, and of course, stunning beaches. You'll also discover countless activities and attractions to engage with during your time on the island, presenting a fun-packed escape for all manner of holidaymakers.

Whether you choose to relax on one of Sal's gorgeous beaches, or alternatively get active and adventurous across various activities, you'll find some great opportunities to discover the best of this island. With that in mind, here are 5 things to do in Sal that we hope you'll enjoy just as much as us.


1. Relax on Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach is considered one of the finest beaches in Cape Verde, as well as one of the most atmospheric areas in Sal. This long sweep of golden sand is great for those hoping to chill on the sun and catch the rays, while the inviting water will no doubt have you wading in for a refreshing dip.


2. Get involved in some water sports

The wind experienced at certain parts of the year in Sal produces ideal conditions for water sports. Any sort of surfing, whether it is windsurfing, kitesurfing, or your bog-standard surfing, the beaches around Sal offer great opportunities to learn a new sport or polish the skills you already have. Other sporting opportunities such as kayaking and fishing are also popular around Sal.


3. Visit Sal's famous salt mines

In addition to admiring the striking landscape left behind from this salt mine, upon visiting the site, holidaymakers will have the opportunity to soak themselves in the salty pools. Float around and relax while you give your skin a rejuvenating treatment - an unforgettable moment in Sal.


4. Watch hatched turtles make a dash for the sea

Between May and October, holidaymakers will have a big chance of seeing turtles nesting and laying their eggs, as well as baby turtles hatching and making for the sea. The turtles here are loggerhead turtles, and Cape Verde is recognised as the third most important nesting area for this species in the world.

Image credit: Jacquie Cozens


5. Stroll around Santa Maria

Santa Maria is the perfect place to visit to soak up the sandy paradise of Cape Verde. Enjoy a Caprinha cocktail on the beach, wander around the array of shops and visit one of the main delicious restaurants for lunch or an evening meal. To find out our top restaurants in Santa Maria, take a read of our guide.

Are you tempted by a stay on Sal during your Cape Verde holiday? Take a look at our accommodation on the island and start planning your escape for real!


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