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Santo Antão is one of the most beautiful islands in Cape Verde. Here is a collection of our favourite photos of its landscapes, people and character.

For many holiday-makers heading to Cape Verde, the island of Santo Antão is the primary island in the archipelago that encapsulates adventure and scenic beauty. While several other islands of the Cape Verde also tick these boxes, there is a majesty to Santo Antão's towering mountains, gravity-defying agricultural terraces, and picturesque villages that are seemingly unmatched anywhere else in the country.

Offering fantastic hiking opportunities, plenty of culture, and a great means for escaping the strains of modern life; Santo Antão is a very popular entry on several of our island hopping tours. To give you a flavour of what to expect from the island, we've put together this collection of photos from Santo Antão for you to admire.


Santo Antã​o photography


The stunning interior mountains


The hiking scene on Santo Antã​o​ is thriving


Farmers working the land in the caldera of an extinct volcano


Fishermen in Ponta do Sol village


A view of the island on approach to Porto Novo


More towering peaks within the island's striking interior


Porto Novo's famous statue welcomes and bids farewell to visitors


A great view at breakfast from Pedracin Village


Verdant surroundings define the retreat of Pedracin Village


Precariously placed villages dot the mountainous landscapes


An example of the island's famous agricultural terraces


A beautiful mountain backdrop to enjoy while swimming at Santantao Art Resort


The ferry transporting passengers between São​ Vicente and Santo Antão​


A smiling local amid the hustle and bustle of the port of Porto Novo​


Find out more about Santo Antão by paying a visit to our dedicated Guide page where you can also learn more about our accommodation range on the island.


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