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Diving in Cape Verde is a real treat! Any diver will be thrilled at the array of marine life available to see. Our experts have put together the top 5 dives sites to explore.

Cape Verde is the perfect choice if you are searching for somewhere to enjoy the sea life with its meeting of the tropical waters and the Atlantic currents its suits scuba diving of all abilities. Cape Verde has the perfect combination of marine life and a fantastic underwater environment making it one of the top dive destinations in the world.


When diving in Cape Verde you will be able to enjoy spotting a huge variety of sea life from Loggerhead Turtles who lay their eggs on the beaches of the islands, to Dolphins, Manta Rays and Sharks. Diving is possible from most of the islands including Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago. Santiago is great for wrecks, Boa Vista is great for Turtles and Sal is the most established for diving, you will be able to experience most of the marine life that calls these islands their home.



Here are our top five places to dive in Cape Verde:


Mindelo - São Vicente

Within the bay of Mindelo, you will find an 80-metre-long wreck which is the home to a diverse habitat of marine life including schools of Soldier Fish, Yellow Grunt Fish and Goat Fish.   


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Santo Antao – Sal 

Thanks to a large cargo ship sinking in 1966 this site offers a great opportunity to discover the marine life within the wreck, which now sits in three pieces. Divers of all levels will have the opportunity to see, Porcupine Puffers, Barracuda, Parrotfish, Trumpetfish, Stingrays and nurse sharks.


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São Pedro - São Vicente

If you are looking specifically for Turtles you are almost guaranteed to see them here in this small shallow bay – perfect for snorkelling and beginners.



Shark Bay – Sal

For experienced divers take a trip to Shark Bay for the opportunity to dive on Kwarcit Wreck. The fishing boat sank in 2006 and has become an artificial reef covered in coral as well as being home to schools of Scorpionfish, Lobster, Fireworms, Flabellinas, and stingrays.



Shark Bow – Boa Vista 

This large open area with several overhangs is at the north of the island and is home to Moray Eels, Lobster, Fireworms, Nudibranchs, and resting Nurse Sharks, outside are Turtles, large schools of Sergeant Majors, Bream and Guinean Grunts, Grouper and Amberjacks. 


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Our team have experienced Cape Verde for themselves so ensure you get the most out of your trip, call us to discuss your booking.


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