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Find out everything you need to know about walking holidays in Cape Verde, from which islands to explore to the best hotels to stay at while you're there.

When you think of Cape Verde, endless white beaches and azure waters will probably be at the forefront of your mind, but did you know that the archipelago offers fantastic opportunities for walking holidays too?

Jaw-dropping ravines, towering peaks, volcanic craters and lush, green mountains: there's so much to explore. Here, we take a look at the best islands for walking holidays and which hotels you'll want to rest your feet at. Your Cape Verde walking adventure starts here!


Best islands for walking holidays in Cape Verde

Santo Antão

Still relatively untouched by tourism, Santo Antão is where walkers come to explore off the beaten track. This is an island where towering green peaks and craters meet cliff-hanging towns, offering a new adventure at every turn. 

Don't miss the Vale do Paúl, a spectacular lush valley that opens into the sea at the village of Vila das Pombas. The cliff-hugging village of Fontainhas is another cross to add to your map, a tiny, picturesque village perched atop a rock above a deep ribeira (riverside).



The island of Fogo is dominated by its 2,829 metre-high volcano, Pico do Fogo, a huge hook for travellers looking to conquer Cape Verde's highest peak. Hike up the volcano, and you'll be rewarded by an incredible view of the Chã das Caldeiras.

The extremely fertile soil that's found inside the crater has blessed the island with fruitful grapevines, which the locals use to make their own wine. Sitting in your hotel with a glass of fine local wine is the perfect way to reward yourself after a long day of trekking!



The largest and most populated island in the archipelago, and also the greenest, Santiago is a sight to behold. Emerald valleys and plush plantations nudge shoulders with rugged mountains and bustling towns, making it perfect stomping ground for walkers.

Embark on a guided hike to witness the island's spectacular ever-changing landscape. Wind your way between mango and coconut trees, dip your toe in a crashing waterfall, conquer craggy mountains and hike to the largest and most spectacular tree in Cape Verde, thought to be around 800 years old!


São Nicolau

Upon first impressions, the island of São Nicolau may appear to barren, but it actually boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the archipelago.

Completely unspoilt, its peaceful atmosphere is further enhanced by its beautiful mountain walks, where you'll truly feel like the only person on the island.

Be sure to explore the island’s colourful capital too, Ribeira Brava. Backed by mountains, this colonial town is home to some striking architecture.


Best hotels for walking holidays in Cape Verde

Pedracin Village

Santo Antão | 2.5 grade

Nestled amongst the stunning scenery of Santo Antão, Pedracin Village is a peaceful hideaway, perched on a steep mountainside.

The hotel itself is relatively simple, offering 32 bungalow rooms and limited facilities as a result of its rural location. There is a swimming pool, however, perfect for cooling down after a long hike, and the terrace boasts amazing views down the valley.

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Tiduca Hotel

Santo Antão | 3 grade

Located at the very top of Santo Antão in the typical Cape Verdean fishing village of Ponto do Sol, Tiduca Hotel is perfect for anyone looking to get a feel for local Cape Verdean life on their walking holiday.

Although there's no pool here, there is a small spa, where you can unwind with a massage after a busy day exploring the island.

Backed by green mountains, you'll find lots of walkers here. You can book guided walking tours from your local representative, which really allow you to explore the depths that this beautiful island has to offer.

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Quinta da Montanha

Santiago | 2.5 grade

Small, friendly and family run, this secluded mountain retreat is known for its breathtaking scenery and verdant green landscapes, promising a peaceful escape from Cape Verde's busier beach resorts.

It's these views, coupled with the fantastic location close to numerous walking trails, that make Quinta da Montanha so popular with walkers who want to explore the surrounding landscapes.

You'll fall in love with the food here too; the restaurant serves up delicious traditional dishes, all sourced from homegrown ingredients.

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Pensão Bela Sombra

São Nicolau | 2.5 grade

Nestled in the heart of Ribeira Brava, Pensão Bela Sombra is a vibrant property; a splash of colour against the overwhelmingly green mountain scenery.

The location is ideal; you have mountainous walking trails and São Nicolau's intriguing capital right on your doorstep. 

There are only 20 rooms in the whole hotel, all with balconies. Views from the top floor balcony are worth fighting over!

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Bamboo Hotel Xaguate

Fogo | 2.5 grade hotel

Blessed with a stunning position on a headland in the upper part of the volcanic plains of São Filipe, not far from Chã das Caldeiras, Bamboo Hotel Xaguate's location is simply ideal. With the bars and restaurants of São Filipe literally on your doorstep, and just a 10-minute drive from the airport, you have everything you need for a fantastic holiday.

A panoramic terrace offers fantastic views, while the hotel's pool offers a place to soothe your muscles after your hike up Pico do Fogo.

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Colonial Guest House

Fogo | 2.5 grade

This beautifully designed, family run hotel has a rich history that dates back to 1883, something which is evident from the distinctive Sobrado styling which characterises many of Cape Verde’s oldest buildings.

Also located in São Filipe, you're perfectly placed to explore the shops, bars and restaurants of the town, many of which are within walking distance.

Relaxation is easy at Colonial Guest House, with a pool, bar and terrace that take in wonderful sea views across to the neighbouring island of Brava.

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See it all on an island hopping holiday in Cape Verde

These island are often best experienced on one of our island hopping holidays. Relax on the beach, climb a still-active volcano, dive to a wreck in the ocean and dance in the streets to traditional music – all on one holiday.

Alternatively, you can use our expert knowledge to build your own tailor-made holiday. We can arrange any combination of islands or hotels, as long as the flights are possible. Just give us a call on 01489 866 969 to discuss your ideas.



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