Summer Holidays: Cape Verde Vs the Mediterranean

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Whilst the Mediterranean is the perfect place to explore during the summer, with so many wonderful destinations to visit, many will overlook Cape Verde and its year-round beautiful climate.

Between May and September, Cape Verde is still a vibrant buzz of life across all the islands, where temperatures range from 26°C to 30°C.  

Cape Verde is so much more than a winter destination and provides a very special holiday away from the usual contenders in the Mediterranean!  


What to do in Cape Verde summertime? 

Cape Verde’s climate makes it an ideal destination for water sports. Enjoy kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and so much more during the Cape Verdean summer. Of course, water sports aren’t for everyone, and the summer sunshine and cooling breeze make for great sunbathing weather! Take a dip in the stunning blue ocean or enjoy a lazy day around your hotel pool. Cape Verde is a great country for a soft introduction to Africa, with plenty of African influences all over the archipelago. 

Mindelo, São Vicente.

From July to September, you can have the unique experience of seeing loggerhead turtles laying their eggs in Cape Verde. As one of the most important nesting sites in the world, there is an option to enjoy a night-time excursion to the beach, where you can watch, from a safe distance, turtles laying their eggs. This is an amazing bucket list experience and one that is highly regulated, so rest assured when you are taking part in this excursion you know that everything is being done to protect the turtles. The number of people allowed on the tours is limited, tourists are kept at a safe distance from the nesting and hatching sites. Protection and conservation of these animals is the key factor for the charity and Cape Verdean government.

Loggerhead turtles hatching in Cape Verde.

If you are visiting Boa Vista in May, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the majestic humpback whale. May is right at the end of the mating season, so you could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse!  

Of course, sunbathing on the beautiful pristine sands in Cape Verde is a must and Cape Verde is also perfect for a laid-back and slow-paced holiday in the sun. The archipelago's beaches are uncrowded, and there are endless beaches to explore! Discover our favourite beaches here. 

Discover more about the islands of Sal and Boa Vista here. Explore our varied excursions available to book here. 


Island-hopping itineraries 

Travelling around the Mediterranean, by train, boat or car is a popular way to holiday, and the idea of seeing as many different countries and cultures as possible is exciting. With a summer holiday to Cape Verde, this is also possible! Whilst staying on Boa Vista or Sal makes for the ideal holiday, there is the opportunity to explore the other islands within the archipelago on an island-hopping itinerary. 

Ferry in Santa Antão.

There are plenty of excursions to further explore the islands away from the beach, from verdant hillside treks on Santo Antão and Santiago or a trip to the salt flats on Sal. Perhaps exploring the vibrant culture and music of São Vicente is your idea of holiday heaven? The diversity of the islands creates a varied and exciting holiday, with the option to explore all the highlights of each with ease!  

Island-hopping itineraries are available throughout the year, browse them here. 


Getting to Cape Verde 

The Mediterranean is a great short-haul destination, however, there are still many popular tourist destinations in the region that require a four-hour flight to reach. Cape Verde is just six hours from the UK, with the real bonus being a minimal change in time zone, so no jet lag! Making it just as easy as travelling to the Med.  


Staying in Cape Verde 

There are some fantastic hotels to choose from across many of the islands in the archipelago. Many hotels boast a fantastic beachfront location with the azure waters as the main backdrop to your holiday.  

Book a stay at the ever-popular Hotel Morabeza on Sal, where excellent hospitality meets direct access to Santa Maria Beach. This charming hotel is sure to provide you with an exceptional experience. 

Poolside at Hotel Morabeza, Sal.

Over on Boa Vista the Royal Horizons 4-grade hotel is a fantastic option for those looking for all-inclusive bliss. A haven for beach lovers, the beautiful beach of Praia De Chaves will not disappoint. 

Aerobics at Royal Horizons Boa Vista.

One thing to note about Cape Verde is the lack of high-rise buildings, ensuring that the landscape remains as natural as possible, and no view is spoilt wherever you go! 


Discover more about our summer holidays in Cape Verde here. 


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