Three ways to have an amazing tailor-made holiday in Cape Verde

Updated on Sep 11, 2023 by Ella Brundle

Blog > Three ways to have an amazing tailor-made holiday in Cape Verde

Whilst Cape Verde is often mistaken for a fly-and-flop holiday, there is so much more to this fabulous destination than people realise! Create your dream getaway, with a tailor-made holiday.

Cape Verde is more than just a beach holiday in Sal or Boa Vista, whilst these are wonderful ways to holiday in the archipelago, if you are looking for something a little different, we can help with that. Our experts can help you plan an island-hopping adventure, a cruise or if timed right, a Carnival package add-on!

1. Island Hopping

Cape Verde is home to 10 islands, each one different with its own identity, an island-hopping holiday allows you to experience as many of these islands as possible, with an array of experiences, from stunning volcanic scenery to verdant hills, cultural towns, and wildlife encounters. Begin your holiday on the beach, the pristine white sands stretch for miles and the azure waters lap at your feet. The next day you could be soaking up the culture and history of Santiago or hiking in the lush green hills of Santo Antão.

Perhaps São Vicente’s capital, Mindelo, will tempt you. Mindelo is the island’s cultural hub proudly boasting its rich heritage of music and art, offering a vibrant nightlife and a traditional Cape Verdean experience.

If you would like to incorporate wildlife encounters into your island-hopping itinerary, Sal, Boa Vista and São Vicente can offer this. Paddle with lemon sharks in Sal, and witness loggerhead turtles nesting on the beach in Boa Vista from mid-July to mid-September, however, if you are planning your holiday during the winter, you can witness the baby turtles hatching from November to January! Over on São Vicente, you can swim with these magnificent creatures, of course, without touching or disturbing them, your guide will help you to have an unforgettable experience amongst these majestic creatures.

There are so many options to choose from when creating an island-hopping itinerary, our team of experts will be able to craft the perfect tailor-made itinerary just for you!

To find out more about island hopping and a selection of suggested routes click here.

2. Cape Verde Archipelago Cruise

This cruise is a unique way to see six of the 10 islands in the archipelago. You will sail for seven nights visiting, Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago, Fogo, São Vicente, and Santo Antão. Embark at Palmeira in Sal aboard the luxurious Harmony G Mega Yacht, before heading to Boa Vista and beyond. There are plenty of optional excursions throughout the trip giving you the chance to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the magnificent volcano of Fogo, and the Portuguese charm of the small towns dotted throughout the islands.

This cruise is an add-on package to any holiday on the island of Sal and departs on selected dates throughout the winter season. 

Read the full cruise itinerary here.

3. São Vicente Carnival Package

This amazing four-night add-on package offers you the chance to immerse in the fun and culture of the Cape Verdean Carnival! Held each year in February, the island of São Vicente bursts into life with an explosion of colour, music, festivities and of course dancing! This is the country’s most famous Carnival and is worth timing a winter escape with this package. Held 40 days before Easter, the main square of Mindelo comes to life, locals cruise by in procession showcasing large floats, extravagant outfits, and beautiful dancing! If you are looking to swap relaxing on the beach for a few days of festivities, music, and a magical atmosphere, this is the tailor-made holiday for you. Simply choose it as an add-on to your main holiday in Sal, all inter-island flights are included, with hotel accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis, as well as return airport transfers. Also included in the package is a full-day guided tour of the neighbouring island, Santo Antão, and two guided tours on São Vicente.

Find out more about the São Vicente Carnival package here.

If you are looking for your dream holiday in Cape Verde and don’t know where to start, we can help you! Speak to our team or visit our tailor-made holidays page here.


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