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Cape Verde is a beautiful archipelago off the coast of west Africa, there are many opportunities for solo travelers. Find out more here.

Solo travel in Cape Verde is becoming increasingly popular among travellers seeking a unique experience. As a solo traveller, you can explore the islands at your own pace, take in the natural rugged landscape, cool off in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy local culture. The islands each have their draws and provide the solo traveller with many different experiences depending on which one they visit. 

Connecting with the locals is a great part of solo travel, Cape Verdeans are known for their warm and friendly nature and you’ll find that the locals are eager to share their culture with visitors. You may find yourself chatting with a local fisherman, sharing a meal with a local family or soaking up the nightlife, you are sure to have a memorable experience!

We have plenty of tour packages available which would be perfect for the solo traveller. As a single person travelling through Cape Verde you will come across many fantastic opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture. Such as the Barlavento Trio, giving you the chance to see Sal, São Vicente, and Santo Antão. The package includes flights, hotel rooms with meals stated on a board basis, and inter-island transport. With this package, you will get to experience the varying array of attractions, landscapes and activities on each of the islands. The city of Mindelo on São Vicente is bursting with vibrancy and culture, defined by its art and music scene, visit the beach of Laginha, or hike the beautiful landscape.

You will then move on to Santo Antão, famous for its dramatic mountainous landscapes, where hiking opportunities are everywhere. Our experts recommend getting a guide when hiking to ensure you get the most out of your routes. The island-hopping is then finished off on Sal, known for its long stretches of beautiful white sand beaches and water sports opportunities. If you fancy a day away from the beach a day trip to the coastal phenomenon ‘The Blue Eye’ and the old salt mines is a great way to explore the island. The salt mines are a unique way to spend an afternoon as you float in the salty pools. In the evenings the vibrant town of Santa Maria may draw you in, with plenty of choices for eateries and bars. 

Other great perks to solo travel in Cape Verde include private transfers, helping you to feel more at ease when arriving in a new place. When travelling solo, rooms are not smaller based on one single person travelling, so you will have that little bit of extra space to yourself! The staff within the hotels and resorts are always very welcoming and friendly and will be on hand to assist you. When considering which island to stay on, Sal is great, as the main town of Santa Maria is lively and full of places to eat and drink, where you'll easily meet new people. 

Find out more about this package and the many other great island-hopping packages we have available here.


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